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Bali, oh, Bali...people go there either to surf or soul-search, I go there to cat-search...well, not really, but it took me a while to spot cats on this island! It is my first time on this Indonesian ground which to my surprise seems so otherworldly to me despite the fact that our countries are not that far ...


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Initially, the bike tour was thrown into my SG itinerary solely because I wanted to see the celebrity otter family, the Bishan 10. Yes, apparently my interest (apart from cats) covers otters as well. Their sighting reflects the island’s successful attempt to conserve the environment around Marina Bay area. As close as I got to ...

Hotel Catlifornia

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A cat cafe is quite a common concept in Asia while a cat hotel hasn't been explored much. Who would have thought that visiting a cat hotel can be such a heavenly experience! This weekend I got to visit JoYu Cat Hotel. The founder started off from opening her house to accommodate cats whose owners are ...

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